Prayers for Bears: Bailey the Grateful Bear

Available April 16th

Bailey the Bear loves the outdoors, running and playing. When those things are taken away, Bailey struggles with being grateful.

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Note from Taya:

The story of Bailey The Grateful Bear is a version of my children's and my story. When all the chips were down, and life seemed bleak, we always had something to be grateful for, even of it was a roof over our heads or simply our hands and feet.

I hope as you romp through the pages of this book and journey through Bailey's little bear life, you are reminded of the simple things you can be grateful for. I hope you share it with others.

Bailey Bear

Meet Bailey Bear

Bailey thanks God for Mommy & Daddy Bear.

Meet Mommy Bear

Mommy Bear is always proud of Bailey Bear.

Daddy Bear from Prayers for Bears

Meet Daddy Bear

Daddy Bear knows there is always something to thank God for.